At Progeny Modern Homes we believe the home building and home buying process needs to be simplified. We have developed a straight forward and time saving client system. Everything starts with our Select Model standard home and then you can bundle upgrade options based on your unique needs. These easy to understand packages save you time and money. Plus, we know that it reduces stress and adds peace of mind for our clients.


Modern homes with new materials, smart home systems and superior build concepts deserve to be showcased in beautiful contemporary styles and layouts. Progeny Modern Homes is a leader in the latest contemporary interior and exterior concepts. We have our own in-house experienced design team that have designed hundreds of unique homes throughout Canada. You can select from our Pre-Designed Select Home Plans or we can design your dream home from scratch.

Superior Build

Every Progeny Modern Home starts with proven build concepts that give you a better home. We begin with a better building envelope with superior insulation, an exterior air barrier system and triple glazed windows. Next we include roof truss systems pre-built to carry solar roof panels for present or future needs and add the necessary pre-wiring for all your energy saving systems. We design and include a Smart Closet to hold all present and future home entertainment, energy and security components. Even the base model homes we build are built well above the normal standards. 

Smart Home systems are finally affordable and add tremendous convenience and safety to a home. We have pioneered the use of the Apple iHome and the Android Smart Things systems in the Maritimes. We set up our unique Progeny Smart Home installations with a WIFI approach the gives tremendous flexibility to the home owner and can be tailored perfectly to each families needs. Energy saving, safety and security systems with whole home entertainment options are all available in a Progeny Smart Home.


Solar Ready requirements are pre-built in all of our homes and full Solar options are easily added. We can energy model your home, design the solar system requirements and install you solar systems to attain a full Net Zero home. All Net Zero homes generate enough or more energy than it consumes. That's right. You may never pay a power bill again!