Progeny Modern Homes, based in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, is a contemporary home designer and builder, with an exclusive focus on Net Zero Energy and Smart Technology practices. We believe that you can have it all in your new home — modern amenities, dramatic style, today’s design and energy efficiency at affordable prices.

A Progeny Modern Home offers new energy efficient designs, whole home smart technology, Net Zero and solar solutions, contemporary styling, superior workmanship and proven buyer support.

Since 2002, company founder Gunther Foerster, has designed and built custom homes in Nova Scotia, and has expanded into New Brunswick in 2016.

The Progeny team has partnered with leading energy efficiency specialists and the home building industry’s most well regarded consultants in Canada, to develop our unique building practices and the dramatically more energy-efficient Progeny Modern Home concept. 

Our team at Progeny believes that the world is changing and many people in the Maritimes now want more from their homes and communities. These new home buyers are demanding modern design with a healthier approach to living and smarter homes that are built with the amenities that make their life better.

It’s time to expect more from your new home.